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  • About

    ENERGINTECH is an innovation management Company, born from 30 years experience of its Innovation Managers, focusing on environment and energy sectors.

  • We are engaged on innovation

    At ENERGINTECH we believe that technological innovation is the most promising and advanced driving force for economic growth in the perspective of sustainable development and circular economy.

  • What we do

    Our mission is to turn a problem like waste, by-products and waste biomasses into energy products and energy in total respect for the environment and for the safety of populations and operators.

Innovation Management

The Innovation Management activities consist in consultancies such as studies, feasibility projects and intervention designs to solve criticalities in the environment and energy fields for companies and for municipalities, industrial areas, etc.

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Lique-F Process Innovation

Innovation Managers at Energintech have developed and successfully validated a new physical process to produce: Biofuels, advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels from waste, by-products and biomasses.

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ZIP - Zero Impact Platform

Zero Impact Platform provides a "turn-Key" solution to the problems involving environment preservation and energy production for companies and territories  by using a dynamic working methodology to obtain the maximum reliability, efficiency and economy, respecting the environment and the safety of the populations and of operators.

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Technological Path

Over the years, the Energintech Innovation Managers have identified and tested different technologies of many producers, using various input materials, thus gaining the cultural background for the company activities.

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